Creative Circle is on a mission to help local media get through the COVID-19 crisis
We're releasing a series of innovative, new web apps this year to help local publishers recover some of the advertising lost to store closures and event cancellations. Most will have a coronavirus angle and each will help turn this disaster into a positive. "What's Open" was the first of our app lineup. "Honor My Grad" is the second. "Election 2020" will help generate revenue from local …
Spotlight on web site redesigns

Six new websites get Creative!
Spotlight on print redesigns

Alabama weekly gets new identity, longer shelf life with Creative Circle redesign

PROVIDENCE, R.I.  – Readers in Baldwin County, Alabama, are enjoying a weekly newspaper with a new identity – The Baldwin Times, a countywide paper with a more relevant, modern …

Two Tennessee dailies redesign with Creative Circle

Readers of the Times News in Kingsport and the Johnson City Press, both in Northeast Tennessee, saw new looks on Tuesday, Dec. 12. The redesigns of the Sandusky Newspaper Group papers are somewhat …
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If there is one thing this conoravirus mess has taught you, it probably is that your current web site isn't cutting it and you need something better to thrive in a digital world. Upgrding to a Creative Circle web site is part of the solution!

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“It’s not just the aesthetic. It’s taking a look at the stories and how we are telling them.”

– James Henry, executive editor, AgriNews, on how their redesign changed how they cover the news

He’ll challenge you. He’s like a therapist who will tell you to get over your stuff.

– Parks Rogers, publisher, The Baldwin Times, on working with Bill Ostendorf, Creative Circle's president and founder

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